From Child To Wild: Transforming A Room For Tweens And Teens

Some people dread the idea of their children entering the teen years, but in our family we know that teenagers rock at being cool and living large!

When my daughter, Veronica, turned 11 this summer, we decided it was time to free her room of its little-girl influences and turn it into a tween dream.

Here are some basic considerations that helped shape our decisions.

  1.  We brainstormed with Veronica about colors and themes. This was a fun chance for her to express her opinions and feel empowered in her own life. We painted the walls aqua, and kept the trim white. She chose accent colors of bright teal and grass green.
  2. We purged. Bags of outgrown toys, clothing, and books came out of her room, creating a “clean slate.”
  3. We considered her current interests and devoted space to them.
  4. We kept a fun-loving, youthful vibe with smaller accents like pillows, organizers, and the light fixture.

Veronica loves to read, so we bought a full-size bookshelf for her colossal book collection. Now she has an organized library with display space for her favorite items. If your child is into sports, use a locker for equipment storage. Gamers would love a media console, while artists may need larger bins to store supplies.

Way Basics’ modular storage cubes are a great option for almost any tween room because you can configure them to best fit your space. Modern kids can appreciate that these cubes are eco-friendly, made from a heavy-duty, recycled paperboard.

Way Basics Design-A-Cube Bookcase

Way Basics Design-A-Cube Bookcase

To go with her new bookcase, we bought Veronica a fun reading chair. Not only does she have a cozy reading nook, but also an inviting place for friends to sit.

Veronica is an A student, and we wanted to encourage her dedication to school work, so we bought her a full-size desk. We chose the Casey writing desk in white to coordinate with her aqua walls and white trim. It’s a classic, versatile design that can be used for years to come as a writing desk, computer desk, crafting table, or vanity.

Casey Writing Desk - White

Casey Writing Desk - White

Another awesome desk option for tweens and teens is a drawing or drafting desk, like the Futura drafting table or the Ponderosa drafting table. A great way to encourage developing artists and designers, drawing desks are form meets function.

We added some extra personality to the space with an unusual, whimsical light fixture.

Throw pillows and wall pop decals are easy ways to create a theme that can be changed with the whims of a teenager. Write-on wall pops help teens express themselves and stay organized with style.

As Veronica entertains new interests and new friends, her room works as a cool, comfortable place to pursue her teen dreams and make them come true.

Augusta, editor


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    All these storage units are nice, but We are looking for locker room storage.

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