Turn Up the Style Dial with Crystal Gentilello of Rue Magazine


Rue Magazine’s Editor in Chief Crystal Gentilello recently migrated to a hot new West Coast homestead that’s brimming with unique pieces and clever finds, including an array of lust-worthy pieces hand-picked from We caught up with Crystal for an exclusive one-on-one about the style and inspiration behind her to-die-for decor. Here’s what she had to say:

Arch Nail Button Upholstered Headboard

Talk us through some of the pieces you chose for your home and why.

I chose the ivory headboard because I loved the curvy shape and nailhead trim. I knew I wanted my bedroom to be a very feminine and romantic space and the headboard is definitely the crown jewel!

The headboard is the statement piece in my bedroom. The ivory color offers a subtle contrast to the pale pink walls and the soft curves are perfect for the feminine feel I was trying to achieve. The headboard sets the tone for an unapologetically romantic space without feeling over-the-top girly. The ivory balances out the pale pink and makes the bedroom feel distinct from the rest of the apartment’s gray walls.

Also, the color of the headboard inspired the sheer curtains on the windows. The headboard makes for a beautiful focal point and everything else blends seamlessly into the background.

Tell us a little about your decision-making process for the dining table.

I chose the pedestal dining table because it’s elegant and neutral. The white contrasts the dark gray walls and the round shape encourages an easy flow of conversation at dinner parties. It introduces a round element to a rectangular room and really opens up the space for entertaining. I love that it can seat either four or six depending on who’s coming over. Because the dining table is white and the walls are painted a dark gray, I knew I wanted to introduce texture with burlap upholstered dining chairs that balance out those two colors. The result is a very intentionally layered look that I just love.

How does it affect the space?

The table defines the dining room, which is attached to the bedroom as opposed to the kitchen. Having a very clearly labeled space for eating and entertaining was essential since it’s not outwardly apparent.


Stein World Wingback Chair

You also chose two gray armchairs. What did you find appealing about them?

The two gray chairs in the living room are decidedly more masculine than other pieces in my home and I love the contrast they introduce. I wanted the living room to have a slightly moodier look and the gray upholstery definitely does the trick. Plus the nailhead detail gets me every time!

They are so perfect in keeping with the moody palette I had used as inspiration for the space. They are comfortable and dramatic with brassy details that I just can’t get enough of!

The chairs definitely called for two oversized throw pillows to help them stand out from the gray walls. Simple striped pillows (a flea market find) are the perfect complement!

How would you define the “dramatic” look?

Dark paint, dark trim, and dark furnishings with plenty of natural light and sophisticated accents.

A huge thank you to Crystal for giving us insight into her decision making process and a look into her home. Read more about her home in the latest issue of  Rue Magazine and check out Hayneedle to shop a selection of pieces hand-picked by Crystal.

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