Table Talk: Capture The Spirit Of Spring

Spring Is In The Air … And On The Table

Elicit the feeling of a field of flowers, sun-drenched and fresh, by bringing the basic colors and shapes of the season to the dining table. Think simple buds, berries, and blooms, warm woods, hints of glinting gold, and a splash of poppy spring color.

Tabletop From The Top

Vary heights, colors, and patterns to create an intriguing aesthetic.

Spring Into Action

Our spring tabletop story begins with an ornate, weathered wood table paired with a makeshift runner. The runner was created from a scrap of fabric our designer Val spotted – a great find, we know. She simply folded it neatly and, voila – the perfect start to a spring table! You can totally swing something similar by simply heading to your nearest fabric store and picking out a pattern that strikes your fancy, or by using spring-inspired drapery. Find something that stirs memories of the season and we promise the rest will fall into place – just make sure to get a piece of fabric long enough to run over the length of your table – measure before you buy.

Pick & Choose Your Pieces

Matching need not be necessary. Create a custom place setting for each guest by switching up the colors of the plates. We started with a warm wood charger and added a trace of the retro gold/brass trend by placing a glass, gold-beaded charger beneath it. We then paired solid-colored plates in a selection of bright spring hues with each set for a pop of pretty – our Fiesta dinnerware worked perfectly for this and did a fantastic job of picking up on the current color-blocking craze. You can do the same with a little bit of pattern play, just be sure to pick a complementary color palette or stick with a few playful patterns in the same color.

Pretty Presentation

The creative use of traditional objects opens the table to new possibilities.


Fresh herbs add an organic, earthy element.

Adding The Extras

Keep your table beautiful, not busy, with unique, eye-catching baubles. Here, cake stands and pedestal plates serve as miniature showcases for sprigs of buds, flowers, or seasonal herbs, while extra glassware acts as small vases for the same. Simple silverware provides an elegant accent to these stand-out pieces.


Little touches polish the presentation.

However you choose to incorporate trends into your spring tabletop, stick with one to three to keep it easy and elegant.

Cheers to fresh finds and fantastic finishing touches, as well as you and your soon-to-be-spectacular spring soirees. Enjoy the spirit of the season!

-Kelly, editor

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