Persian on a Persian

CATchin’ Some Rays

If you had all day every day to do exactly as you pleased – just like your fabulously fluffy feline friend – what would you do? I’d do what my cat, Inez, loved to do and stretch out shamelessly in a warm spot of sun on a plush Persian rug. (Although never one to be photographed unless in flawless form, this pic shows Inez sitting prim and proper with perfect posture.)

Irresistible Inez

Irresistible Inez

A Floor to Adore

A true tapestry of rich colors, mesmerizing patterns, and velvety smooth textures, Persian rugs bring an instant touch of warmth and elegance to any space. Vacuuming and occasional spot-cleaning will keep your rug brilliant and beautiful. So if you’re looking to add a little charm to your place, check out these rugs – just a mere sprinkling of the outrugeous selection of Persian rugs I perused while shopping for mine:

Happiness is …

I found my bliss while lounging upon the delightful design of my Persian rug, right next to my happy, purry Persian cat. I hope you find yours.

Julie, senior editor

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